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Progress Report

Further to the pre-AGM announcement we have now assembled a new committee comprising a small number of enthusiastic people who want to try and ensure the survival of the GGA even though attendance at the AGM was barely into double figures.

The new committee decided that its first priority is to find out what we should offer to the membership and what you want and need from us in order to make us relevant and valued; and the extent to which we should be adopting the use of social media such as Facebook and Twitter as well as online website forums for the exchange of views ideas and information.

With that in mind you will shortly receive, via, What's Up Gov, and your clerks, an invitation to participate in a SHORT SURVEY, also found here, that will give you an opportunity to tell us what you think - what you want from us - and how you think we as an organisation can serve county governance effectively and usefully. Please do respond. We really do need to know what you want.

To see what sort of issues and ideas are up for discussion please see below.

We are also planning a launch meeting in early February. Details to be announced soon.

For our part we think we need to find a niche offering that is relevant to local issues more than national ones and does not duplicate much of what is already offered by the NGA. We need your feedback and help to formulate that so please do respond to the survey when it appears and in the meantime if you wish to make any specific comments please feel free to e-mail me.

For what it is worth my personal view is that the old format of occasional meetings with speakers, useful though they are, may now be past its sell by date. We have other sources of training and education readily available to us via for example L.A. sponsored training courses and W.U.G coupled with the deep and comprehensive resources and services offered by the L.A and the NGA. I cannot see any value in duplicating those.

With that in mind my personal view is that we may be more valuable and effective facilitating more cross communication between governors, both individually and as full boards; sharing practices and ideas, and perhaps becoming more of a local political lobby group.

I will close by setting out as bullet points a precis of some of the aims of the Association in its constitution and leave it to you to decide if they are what you want, what you are willing and able to do to pursue them from now on, and by what methods those aims should be achieved:

  1. Promote collaboration between schools in order to raise standards and make effective use of resources
  2. Act as a forum for the exchange of information relating to the needs and interests of Gloucestershire schools
  3. Organise events and representation in support of governors' needs and those of its schools and pupils
  4. Act as a representative forum .......pressing the Local Authority for action where required
  5. Act as a consultative body alongside other organisations
  6. Provide a network for sharing information and good practice
  7. Monitor the changing role and needs of governors .....and ( be proactive ) in ensuring changes are challenged and/or supported

It is your association. It is time to decide what you want to do with it.

Chris Widden – GGA Chair

The website has been temporarily restricted pending the AGM and will be reconstructed after the AGM.

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